Yellow belt test may 7, 2015

Grand Master Rob Ward

10th degree black belt

Grand master Rob started his martial arts career in January 1977 studying traditional Tae Kwon Do under the direction of Mr. Dale Maxwell. Over the years Grand Master Ward trained in a verity of Martial Arts, Kali, Boxing, Kickboxing Ju Jitsu and numerous types of cardio training.  Grand Master Ward joined the Bushido Karate Organization founded by Grand Master James Hampton, 10th Degree Black Belt, in the spring of 1988.  The Martial Arts classes are very well structured and very well disciplined.  Training students from the age of 5 years old and older instills respect and self discipline that reflects in school work and with in the family.


Bushido Karate Program

  573-205-3944                 self-defense for all ages

grand master

Rob Ward

10th Degree Black Belt


Claud Smith

4th degree black belt

conner head

1st degree black belt

Ronni Lawrence

4th degree black belt

Bushido black belt


Bushido Karate classes

Beginning Class
            Tuesday & Thursday
                                      5:30 - 6:30 pm
Advanced Class
               Tuesday & Thursday
                                       6:30 - 7:30 pm